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Jesus lost his pigment quicker than Michael Jackson,

The original archetypal self-hating Jew.

Ceasar is wearing a gilded crown of thorns,

Taking slaves to build his neo-pharaonic monuments,

Wearing a bloodstained miter of corruption, greed, and hypocrisy.

Ultimate revenge, spitefully forced to receive worship,

Total perversion of the shaman’s name, eternal reversal of teachings.

Democracy dead for millennia, minor concessions to calm the rabble.


He walks amongst us once again, he is the teary-eyed brave.

He is the burning monk, the roadkill in Tienanmin.

He is here, sign in hand, pepper in his eyes,

And he won’t move ’til his demands are met,

Not even in death.


The pope is drenched in the blood of the youth,

Buried in his own cum and pompous self-righteousness.

Little girls bought and sold like weaponized Skittles,

Made in Mexico, facilitated by the United Nations of America.

Child soldiers killing for a loaf of bread,

While full-grown politicians commit mass murder for one more piece of paper.


The day of redemption is at hand,

Fight for your right, or bury your head in the sand.

Hear no evil, see no evil, feel no evil, be no evil,

Oblivious works well for the malign powers that be.


Two broken wings, symmetrical enslavement,

The lesser of two evils is none of the above.

No more lambs, the time has come for the Lion of Judah.

If we are afraid to dissent, then we have no liberty,

Patrick Henry got it right, and we should never fear death.

We must speak up, kick the habit of the masses,

Or die in vain, let our heroes die in vain,

Take Mr. Nazareth’s words in vain..


Jesus did you die in vain?…