Although the Mormon church and its followers are the most obvious example of people exhibiting this type of arrogance, I do not wish to single them out.  The vast majority of people in the modern world, especially within the modern US, actually subscribe to this policy of arrogance.

We’ve all been indoctrinated to believe that “drugs” are bad.  This of course is hypocrisy because everyone uses drugs.  But the Mormons choose to believe that they are the one group of people who don’t ever use any drugs.  This is simply impossible, unless they are all already dead.  Everything we eat or drink contains “drugs” ie psychoactive (mind-altering) and/or body-altering chemicals.


Many species of lettuce contain opiate-like chemicals that have a sedative effect, and according to some studies, even have trace amounts of true opiates such as morphine.  Poppy seeds that are used in muffins and bagels come from the same species of poppy that produces opium.  The seeds can even be purchased legally for growing purposes, from US-based nurseries, with the presumption that you will not harvest opium from them.  It is acceptable to harvest the seeds from them for culinary use, but they supposedly contain no opiates, which seems quite unlikely.


Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs, commonly used in pharmaceutical treatment for depression) exist in many of the foods we eat, including most or all fruit.  Certain researchers have even suggested that this rich diet of fruit is even the reason why we evolved to be more intelligent over the latest period of hominid evolution.


Chocolate and the cola nut both contain caffeine, along with coffee and tea obviously.  There is a species of desert plant called “Mormon Tea” because it was used by the Mormons as an alternative to caffeine.  This of course is absurd because if it produces the same effect of caffeine, there is obviously another drug within the plant.  It turns out that this chemical is ephedra, a precursor used to manufacture methamphetamine.


Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, meaning it is necessary for proper human mind/body function.  Milk, meat, and many types of fruits and vegetables all contain tryptophan in varying levels.  It is responsible for the sedative feeling reported by people overeating turkey on Thanksgiving, meaning it is mildly to moderately psychoactive.


Nutmeg contains extremely psychoactive chemicals, which when taken in excess (a few teaspoons) produces full-blown “trips” similar to illegal psychedelic drugs, and even lasts much longer than them (multiple days.)


Alcohol is of course a psychoactive drug, but in fact lesser ingredients in alcoholic drinks are also psychoactive.  Most notably, hops contains sedatives.


Even drinking pure water in large quantities can produce psychotropic effects.  Of course I could go on, but I’d be typing for hours.  These are the most relevant examples.


So next time you feel like saying “no” to drugs, just think about exactly what that means.  No food, no water.  You might as well just say no to life.  It’s also important to note that there are man-made drugs (with less than 200 years of research) and natural remedies (with thousands of years of research.)  Synthetic (man-made) drugs include methamphetamine, hard liquor (by some definitions), heroin, crack cocaine, LSD, prescription amphetamines (Adderall, etc.)  Natural herbal remedies include cannabis (marijuana), coca leaf, caffeine-containing natural food/drink, opium, “magic” mushrooms, psychedelic cacti, and beer/wine (by some definitions.)


Jesus lost his pigment quicker than Michael Jackson,

The original archetypal self-hating Jew.

Ceasar is wearing a gilded crown of thorns,

Taking slaves to build his neo-pharaonic monuments,

Wearing a bloodstained miter of corruption, greed, and hypocrisy.

Ultimate revenge, spitefully forced to receive worship,

Total perversion of the shaman’s name, eternal reversal of teachings.

Democracy dead for millennia, minor concessions to calm the rabble.


He walks amongst us once again, he is the teary-eyed brave.

He is the burning monk, the roadkill in Tienanmin.

He is here, sign in hand, pepper in his eyes,

And he won’t move ’til his demands are met,

Not even in death.


The pope is drenched in the blood of the youth,

Buried in his own cum and pompous self-righteousness.

Little girls bought and sold like weaponized Skittles,

Made in Mexico, facilitated by the United Nations of America.

Child soldiers killing for a loaf of bread,

While full-grown politicians commit mass murder for one more piece of paper.


The day of redemption is at hand,

Fight for your right, or bury your head in the sand.

Hear no evil, see no evil, feel no evil, be no evil,

Oblivious works well for the malign powers that be.


Two broken wings, symmetrical enslavement,

The lesser of two evils is none of the above.

No more lambs, the time has come for the Lion of Judah.

If we are afraid to dissent, then we have no liberty,

Patrick Henry got it right, and we should never fear death.

We must speak up, kick the habit of the masses,

Or die in vain, let our heroes die in vain,

Take Mr. Nazareth’s words in vain..


Jesus did you die in vain?…